The Salt, Lectures 1917-1919


The book contains 16 sunday lectures 1917-1919 by the Master Beinsa Duno. Peter Deunov (1864 – 1944) was a spiritual master and founder of a School of Esoteric Christianity. He is called Master Beinsá Dunó by his followers. The principal subjects in his lectures and talks are: man’s place and role in the Universe, in Nature and Society, the spiritual understanding of Culture, Ethics, Psychology, Medicine, Music etc. He gives exercises for breathing, meditation and concentration. He founds the Paneurythmics, which is played nowadays in USA, Canada, France, Russia and other countries in the world. For each of 16 lectures, the Master starts with a quote from the Gospels, and expounds upon it from a wide range of perspectives, greatly illuminating essential spiritual principles. „Salt is the element of power which keeps things in a balanced state. Saltiness is the way to light; the light is the way to love and love – the way to God.“